Unmanned Border Force

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unmanned Border Force

A private border force is a border security system consisting of a number of powerful security pollsters. This includes barricading objects and preventing ram raids and the violent theft of exclusive vehicles and goods with a high security risk. With border security at your doorstep, damage from criminal action is limited and business activities can continue as usual. When the security bollards are raised, they stop unwanted car traffic and other traffic is welcome. This makes the retractable border security very public-friendly. Border security is an unmanned, self-managed method of securing security even if other systems are malfunctioning. At the same time a hospitable alternative to fencing. When at rest, the bollards are invisibly locked in the shaft hidden in the ground. Curious? Please complete the request form below for free safety advice.

18 advantages of a border force

3 year warranty
Anti-drill lock

Certified locks
Hidden in peace
Environmentally conscious
Without maintenance contract

To use freely
Ultimate backup security
Unique closing number
Widely renowned A-brand

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Ramkraak in Assen Rhinosystems
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the best powerful border bollards

Discover the power of the manual Rhino security pollers. An ingenious combination for respectful security with style. Above ground they show off as robust, steel-coated round poles, while below ground level they are hidden in a sturdy square steel shaft. This shaft acts as an invisible bunker and forms the obstacle-free home base. The Rhino security bollards are available in brushed stainless steel 316 and in steel with a colored coating. What makes the design of these bollards so unique? The round, thick-walled posts are fitted with two square invisible sliding pins at the bottom, which, together with the internal steel rod, ensure powerful connections with the cone-shaped tube at the bottom of the shaft. This shaft, which goes no less than 100 cm into the ground, is professionally connected into the paving without any obstacles, which not only increases stability, but also significantly increases the impact resistance of our Rhino security bollards. With Rhino security bollards you not only invest in safety, but also in a stylish addition to a safer environment. Experience the perfect combination of in-house functionality and aesthetics with RhinoSystems.

all under one roof

At RhinoSystems Perimeter Protection we are there for you throughout the entire process. From expert multilingual advice and purchase agreements to professional installation. You will have contact with one multilingual dedicated project supervisor throughout the entire project. We offer you self-managed unmanned border security with the Rhino bollards. For more than 25 years, we have been realizing projects throughout Europe to ensure safer shopping and securing objects and different types of terrain and areas. Our professional installation teams ensure that all border protections are installed safely, efficiently and environmentally friendly. Once your border security is up and running, we carry out thorough checks to ensure everything is safe and functioning as it should. We will discuss the instructions with you and hand you the special keys. RhinoSystems is proud to be a partner of the Association of Certified Security Companies, which underlines our commitment to professionalism and quality. After completion you will receive a detailed delivery document and the prestigious Sold Secure Certificate for your insurance. For further information we invite you to explore our border security or complete the inquiry form below. We look forward to welcoming you. We are located in the Residence of the Netherlands
The Hague, City of Peace and Justice

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