best telescopic security post

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best telescopic security post

The Rhino security bollards are round retractable steel posts and are housed in a square steel housing. The steel housing is the stable underground bunker for the security bollards. The sliding cams at the bottom of the thick-walled steel security bollards are the strong internal connection to the housing. Which goes about 100 cm into the ground. This makes the impact resistance of the Rhino security bollards enormous.

best telescopic security post

Each security bollard comes standard with a mechanical closure. It consists of a specially designed anti-drill, ten-pin push-up security lock. The security polls have been awarded and certified according to the English “Sold Secure Automotive Gold Standard” and have achieved the English “Secured by Degin” accreditation. Each security poller is supplied with two keys and each poller has a unique and identical lock number. For an additional charge, we can provide the security bollards with 2 reflective strips of 50mm high, in accordance with the ECE 104 standard. In red, white or yellow.


Formaat             Model               Trekgewicht

HSS steel galvanized and
then coated
670 x  90 mm     DAWN                         14 kg

670 x 114 mm     PHANTOM                   23 kg
670 x 114 mm     WRAITH SUPPORT*     6 kg
850 x 114 mm     CULLIAN SUPPORT *   7 kg

316L Stainless steel brushed and then
transparent coated
710 x 101 mm      CORNICHE                   17 kg

710 x 101mm       SERAPH SUPPORT*       5 kg

The steel models are available in red and black at no additional cost and in a common RAL color at an additional cost
* including gas spring

Ramkraak in Arnhem

how does a Rhino telescopic bollard work?

You can comfortably pull the bollard with the bracket out of the shaft, turn it a quarter turn and press the push-up lock. The bollard is ready for you. When the public-friendly bollards are up, they stop cars and all other traffic is welcome. By lowering the bollard into the shaft, it is hidden from view. By pressing the lock you lock it. Became curious? Please complete the request form below for free advice.

100% in-house

You can operate the security polls yourself, you do not need internet or electricity. This means that you are not dependent on a utility service. As an administrator, isn’t that a wonderful feeling? You will have that feeling for more than 20 years after purchasing the surveillance pollers.

18 benefits of Rhino Security Bollards

3 year warranty
Anti-drill lock

Certified lock
Hidden in peace
Environmentally conscious
Without maintenance contract

To use freely
Backup security
Unique closing number
Widely renowned A-brand

also for bracket fences

To secure company premises, we also supply fixed bracket fences, sturdy guys that everyone drives around the block for. This is to ensure efficient protection over long distances. Available in the desired RAL colors and we also take care of the installation of the bracket fences. You can contact RhinoSystems Perimeter Protection to secure your site in its entirety and you do not have to engage another party for this. So easy. Also look at bracket gates and complete the application form below.

well taken care of

RhinoSystems Perimeter Protection is located in the city of Peace and Justice. You can contact us for the entire process, from advice and purchase to installation. Future-proof unmanned security in-house. All border security is installed professionally and safely by us. This includes the environmentally friendly installation in the ground. As soon as your security has been installed, we will check for you whether everything is functioning properly, hand over the special keys and give you the instructions. A very reassuring thought with more peace of mind, more protection and more safety. After delivery, a delivery document and the Sold Secure Certificate are available for insurance purposes. Send the inquiry form below and you will hear from us. Hope to see you again.

Contact met RhinoSystems

Neem contact op via 0031 (70) 3937435​ of vul het onderstaande formulier in.

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